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Crimsafe is so much more than just the mesh, it is a complete security system.

CrimsafeThe Ultimate in Security

It combines three essential elements including our patented Screw-Clamp technology, our Tensile Tuff security mesh and tamper resistant screws. All three elements combined produce a security product unsurpassed in the current market.

Our patented Screw-Clamp technology has special teeth precisely matching the profile of the mesh, which locks the mesh deep into the frame. This clamping feature spreads the impact throughout the frame to withstand enormous attacks. This makes it virtually impossible to separate the frame from the mesh, unlike many competitor products, where the mesh can be easily popped out with force. All standard domestic Crimsafe products are rated to resist 500 joules of impact energy in a single blow.

Crimsafe Security Products

Crimsafe-Sliding-Security-DoorCrimsafe Sliding Security Door

Crimsafe Sliding Security Doors are attractive and strong, custom built and also available as Stacking Doors. Whichever style of Crimsafe door you choose, it can be custom designed to complement your home, provide the protection that Crimsafe has become renowned for and give you the freedom of lifestyle you grew up with.

hignedCrimsafe Hinged Security Door

Crimsafe Hinged Security Doors are custom built and aesthetically appealing to enable you to enjoy the view and the breeze without altering the facade of your home as the Crimsafe mesh offers security without the need for bars or grilles.

bifoldCrimsafe Bifold Security Door

Crimsafe Bifold Security Door and Patio Enclosure Crimsafe Bifold Doors and Patio Enclosures let you secure and exterior area and make it fly and mosquito proof. Crimsafe’s screen can reach from floor to ceiling that completely encloses your patio and deck space.

ultimateCrimsafe Ultimate

The ‘Ultimate’ protection for your home The option of residential security in the form of screens has to date been very limited in design and aesthetic appeal. That is until Crimsafe Ultimate was developed.

Security-ScreensCrimsafe Security Screens and Safe-S-Capes

Most burglaries are based on opportunistic access through an open window. By applying Crimsafe security screens to the opening sash of your home you will greatly reduce your risk of intrusion.

clonicCrimsafe Cyclonic Screens

We can fabricate a range of Crimsafe cyclonic screening to suit various levels of application. From mine site donga’s and cyclone shelters to upmarket static housing, we have a Crimsafe cyclonic system designed to suit.

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